Curriculum Vitae


1989 Ph. D. in Musicology, University of Surrey, England
1975 B. Mus, University of London, England
1968 B. Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The City University, London

Performance Studies

1981 International Music Seminar of the DDR, Weimar, with Rolf Reuter
(opera conducting)
1975 International Music Seminar of the DDR, Weimar, with Igor Markevitch (orchestral conducting)
1972 – 1975 Orchestral Conducting with Igor Markevitch, France
1972 Monte Carlo International Conducting Course with Igor Markevitch and Kresimir Sipusch
1970 – 1973 Conducting with Alan Barlow, London (orchestral and choral conducting)
1960 – 1968 Piano, organ and composition with Charles F. Waters, London
1960 – 1964 Doublebass with Helen McGregor, London

Employment History

2010 – Chair of Audio Production, The Art Institute, Houston, Texas.

  overall planning and administration,
  curriculum review and quality assurance for the BS degree in
    Audio Production,
  admissions and persistence,
  faculty reviews, searches and hiring negotiations,
  budget development and management,
  schedule all classes,
  teach three classes per quarter,
  student advising and mentoring.

2009 – 2010 I was engaged in musicological research (continuing).

  edit and prepare for publication the Retuschen of Gustav Mahler for the
    Complete Works of Gustav Mahler, Universal Edition and Weinberger Ltd.
  • Beethoven, Symphonies 3, 5, 7 & 9
  • Beethoven, Leonore III Overture
  • Schubert, Great C-major Symphony
  • Schumann, Manfred Overture
  • Smetana, Bartered Bride Overture
  publish articles on Mahler's conducting activities.

2006 – 2008 Professor of Music (Audio Recording) and Manager of Recording Services, College of Music, University of North Texas.

Teach two classes per semester, research and service. Oversee all audio recordings in the College of Music:

  overall planning and administration,
  specify, order and install all new equipment,
  budget development and management,
  engage, train, schedule and supervise student hourly staff,
  produce and edit recording sessions for CD projects.

2000 – 2006 I was engaged in musicological research, instrumental and choral conducting, writing, teaching, recording and consultancy.

  Music Director of the Lapeer County Concert Choir
  Music Director of the St. Clair County Community College Symphonic Band
  Participated in the Sibelius Now Symposium in Lahti, Finland, September 2005
  Taught a one week seminar on Gustav Mahler and his Works at the
    Institute for Art Research, University of Helsinki, September 2005
  Presented two papers at the symposium Instrumente und Musizierpraxis
    zur Zeit Gustav Mahlers
, Vienna, April 2005
  Participated in the Third International Jean Sibelius Conference at the
    University of Helsinki, December 2000
  Planned and participated in the 2000 Beethoven Festival at the Kennedy
    Center, Washington, D.C.
  Authored chapters in two books on the composer Gustav Mahler
  Produced, edited and prepared the CD for the Proceedings publication of the
    2005 Vienna Mahler Symposium
  Engineered, edited and prepared two CDs for the catalog of the exhibition
    Mahler — the becoming of an Icon, Vienna, 2005.
  Edited the Seventh Symphony of Jean Sibelius for the Complete Jean Sibelius
    Edition, Breitkopf and Härtel.
  Edited Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in the version of Gustav Mahler for the
    Complete Works of Gustav Mahler, Universal Edition and Weinberger Ltd.

1999 – 2000 Director, Ian Tomlin School of Music, Napier University, Scotland.

Responsible for the running of the Music School, including:

  overall planning and administration,
  curriculum review and quality assurance for the degrees,
  budget development and management,
  admissions, recruitment and retention,
  faculty and staff reviews, searches and hiring negotiations,
  planning of public performance schedule,
  outreach, alumni, local and international community relations,
  oversight and development of non-degree and summer programs,
  student advising and mentoring.

I made a significant impact in all the areas described above. Among other initiatives, I

  developed a comprehensive strategic plan for the School,
  guided the M. Mus. in Jazz Studies through its inaugural year,
  appointed four new external examiners,
  established a flourishing community music program in jazz
  established a student chamber ensembles program,
  instituted regular open days for prospective students and their
  instituted School-sponsored recitals and concerts in central
  stimulated and encouraged faculty and staff research and
    professional development,
  made many new contacts with Scottish musicians, educators and
    community leaders,
  put in place a scheme for the tracking of alumni and potential
  created a new School website, vastly enlarging its scope and value,
  commissioned music to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the birth
    of John Napier,
  inaugurated a series of CD publications of faculty performers.

In addition, I

  taught a weekly research seminar,
  supervised senior year dissertations,
  conducted the chamber orchestra,
  served on performance juries,
  participated in the work of university committees.

1983 – 1999 Director of Recording Arts, Indiana University School of Music. Associate Professor of Music 1983, with tenure from 1987, Full Professor of Music from 1990.

As chair of the Audio Department I was responsible for

  personnel coordination: faculty, associate instructors, staff and technicians,
  curriculum design and development,
  audio admissions, recruitment and retention,
  quality control of School archive recordings,
  production of compact discs,
  industry liaison,
  audio equipment budget,
  student advising and graduation checks for the BS and AS audio degrees.

The Indiana University Audio Department was created and developed under my guidance and supervision. I was the primary designer of the facilities and the curricula of the two degrees: Associate of Science in Audio Technology and Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts. These programs are intended to prepare professional audio producers and engineers and have an excellent placement profile. Destinations of IU graduates have included Telarc Records, Delos Records, several Hollywood studios, and the US Navy and US Marines Audio Departments.

I carried a full load of classes, teaching a series of courses in recording techniques and one on electronics, and leading two weekly seminars on recorded music in its historical context. One of these was a survey of the recorded repertoire and the other dealt with a wider range of specific topics chosen by students. Both focused on a consideration of the interaction between musical style and technological aspects, in topics which were varied each semester.

I was also responsible for oversight of all recording services within the school. Students of the department log numerous hours recording for broadcast and archive purposes many of the 1200 concerts, opera performances and recitals which take place each year, and record other recitals and audition tapes for students and faculty. Some of this is done for course credit and some as hourly employment.

In cooperation with the composition department, I established a series of commercial compact disc recordings of the music of IU performers and composers. Students were responsible for the engineering and editing, and performed these duties to professional standards as project work for academic credit. I was involved at all stages of planning and production in:

  liaison with composers and performers in the choice of repertoire and artists,
  production and supervision of the recording sessions,
  supervision of editing,
  design and computer typesetting of CD booklets and labels,
  liaison with the manufacturer of the CDs and the distribution company.

As Director of Recording Arts I was a member of the School of Music Faculty Council and the Artistic Policy Committee, and chair of the Recording Policy Committee. For three years I also served as secretary of the School of Music Faculty Council and chaired its Agenda Committee. I was a key member of the team responsible for the planning of the Simon Center, which has two recital halls, state of the art teaching rooms, recording studios and library facilities. At various times I was a member of other school committees:

  Computing Resources Committee,
  Equipment Purchase Committee,
  Marketing Committee,
  Music Library Advisory Committee,
  Parking Committee (chair).

Within the larger university community, my service included:

  membership of various appointment and administrator review committees,
  advising the Physics Department on the content of courses on acoustics,
  advising the Archive for Traditional Music on equipment and audio techniques,
  advising the WFIU radio station on content of the Music from Indiana series,
  participation in Music Librarianship Seminar for the School of Library Science,
  regular public lectures on Mahler symphonies and other music topics.

1979 – 1983 Lecturer in Recording Techniques and Head of Tonmeister Studies, Department of Music, University of Surrey, England.

I taught classes in Recording Techniques and was responsible for the student internship program, and for placing students. Administrative responsibilities included:

  admissions, recruitment and retention,
  staffing coordination: faculty and technicians,
  curriculum design and development,
  industry liaison,
  budgetary control of capital expenditure for the Music Department,
  student advising and mentoring.

I represented the Music Department on the Faculty Academic Board, the Academic Assembly Policy Committee and the Graduate Employment Forum. In addition to my primary teaching and curriculum development responsibilities in Tonmeister studies at the University of Surrey (B. Mus, M. Mus. and Diploma) I also taught traditional musical subjects as needed. I was an external examiner for the M. Mus. degree at the University of East Anglia and also for the Diploma in Electronic Sound at University College, Cardiff.

1969 – 1978 Recording Engineer, EMI Recording Studios, Abbey Road, London.

I was at different times responsible for

  the design, alignment, repair and upkeep of audio equipment,
  technical oversight of classical sessions, both at Abbey Road and on location
    in London, Cambridge and Rome,
  copying master tapes for sister companies outside the UK,
  making re-channeled stereo recordings,
  making compilation recordings,
  tape editing of recordings,
  pre-mastering of recordings for disc transfer,
  refurbishing the sound of earlier recordings by EMI and Warner Brothers.

1964 – 1969 Research Engineer, GEC Applied Electronics Labs, Stanmore, England.

I was a student internee for four periods of six months each, and was trained in microwave engineering, drawing office, metrology, transformer design and building, environmental testing, analog and digital computing, microcircuit manufacture, and electronic measuring equipment repair and calibration. Upon graduation, I was a member of a team that designed and built satellite receiving and transmitting equipment, being directly responsible for testing and installing cryogenically cooled low noise receiving amplifiers and liaison with other agencies.

Musical Appointments

2004 – 2006 Music Director, Lapeer County Concert Choir, Michigan
2002 – 2005 Music Director, St. Clair County Community College
    Symphonic Band, Michigan
2001 – 2006 Organist, St. Joseph Church, Port Huron, Michigan
1987 – 1995 Music Director, Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, Indiana
1985 – 1997 Music Director, Carmel Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Indiana
1984 – 1989 Music Director, Bloomington Brass Band, Indiana
1983 – 1999 Associate Organist, St. Charles’ Church, Bloomington, Indiana
1974 – 1983 Music Director, Bushey Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, England
1973 – 1978 Director of Music, St. Peter’s Church, Bushey Heath, England
1969 – 1973 Director of Music, St. John’s Church, Watford, England

External Examining

2005 University of Helsinki : Ph. D.
1979 – 1983 University of East Anglia : M. Mus.
1979 – 1983 University College, Cardiff : Diploma in Electronic Sound


1999 – 2000 Festival advisor to National Symphony Orchestra, Washington, D.C.
1986 – 1991 Board member of the North American Brass Band Association
1990 – 1999 National Society of Arts and Letters music audition panels
1980 – 1983 Member of the Audio Engineering sub-committee of the British Standards Institution
1979 – 1982 Board member of the Association of Professional Recording Studios and member of the APRS Education Committee
1998 – Member of the Southeastern and Midwestern Historical Keyboard Societies and board member of SEHKS since 2007
1966 – Member of the Audio Engineering Society
1964 – Member of the International Gustav Mahler Society, Vienna

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