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Main Pages

My Blog: Opens a new window or tab to view David Pickett’s blog at

Biography: The home page of the website, with a brief biography of David Pickett and many links.

Résumé: A brief résumé.

Curriculum Vitae: A full Curriculum Vitae.

Conducting: A listing of the ensembles that David Pickett has conducted and his repertoire.

Recording: Information about many of the recordings that David Pickett has worked on. Links enable some of these recordings to be played.

Teaching: David Pickett’s teaching career is described in detail with links to some of his students.

Writing: A listing of David Pickett’s publications on music and audio recording, with links to some of them.

Mahler Research: A description of David Pickett’s research into the composer/conductor Gustav Mahler. There are many links on this page to other pages on the site, including multi-media presentations.

Music and Audio Research: This page contains links to pages on this website detailing David Pickett’s other research.

Other Pages: multimedia essays

Those pages that are not listed on the main menu may be opened in new windows (or tabs) from the pages listed above. They may also be accessed directly from the list below.

Gustav Mahler

    “Klezmer Musik” in Mahler’s First Symphony
    The Offstage Band in Mahler’s Second Symphony
    The Earliest Recording of Mahler’s Second Symphony
    The “Impossible” Oboe Glissandi in Mahler’s Third Symphony
    Interpreting the Beginning of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony
    Orchestral Balance in Jascha Horenstein’s Mahler Recordings
    Glissandi in Mahler’s Fourth and Fifth Symphonies
    The Naked Note in the Scherzo of Mahler’s Fifth Symphony
    Dynamics in the Finale of Mahler’s Sixth Symphony
    Some of Mahler’s changes to Beethoven’s Overture, zur Weihe des Hauses
    Mahler the Conductor and his “Editions”
    The IGMG Edition of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with Mahler’s Retuschen
    The National Symphony Orchestra’s 2000 Beethoven/Mahler Festival

Surround Sound

    Ambisonic Sound Recording Techniques
    A letter to Stereophile Magazine


    David Pickett’s conducting repertoire

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